About Us

Adroit Impex Private Limited is a fast growing, professionally managed company engaged in the business of import and export of all types of goods and services.
The company is having office in India and in Australia.
The Company specializes in trading, import, export and distribution of medical and surgical instruments, hospital equipments, laboratory products. Diagnostics and surgical kits, disposable items etc. We supply best quality products at competitive price.

We also deal and provide services in the following fields :

  • Other Products such as agriculture, food, beverages, electronics, chemicals, machineries, spare parts etc.
  • Financial & Commercial Services such as project / business setup in India, company formation, loan / finance funding from banks, accounting, tax returns, etc.
  • Services in the field of Engineering such as CAD design, design reverse engineering and product development.

Team of the company is consist of highly qualified and experienced professional persons including chartered accountants, engineers and other field specialist. They guide and assist other members of the company for fulfillment of objects and to achieve the goal of the company.

Continuously improve and re-evaluate products sourcing from direct manufacturer and improve the markets share of valued distributor

Esteemed supplier of surgical products by supplying quality products and reliable services to our customer.

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